Your Seatbelt and You

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Make Your Seat Belt Work for You: Customize It
January 28, 2019
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Benefits of custom seat belts
March 20, 2019

Your Seatbelt and You

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Being a defensive driver means driving to prevent accidents in spite of the actions of others or the presence of adverse driving conditions. In other words, defensive driving means that you are ready for any and all surprises on the road. Defensive driving requires the knowledge and strict observance of all traffic rules and regulations applicable to the area you are driving in. Defensive driving also requires a simple task: wearing your seat belt.

Are All Seat Belts Created Equal?

While seat belts are designed differently, they way they function is pretty similar across the board. A typical seatbelt consists of a lap belt, which rests over your pelvis, and a shoulder belt, which extends across your chest. The two belt sections are tightly secured to the frame of the car in order to hold passengers in their seats.

Car seatbelts have the ability to extend and retract, allowing you to easily lead forward with the belt not gaining much slack. When you’re in an accident, the belt will suddenly tighten up and hold you in place. In the next section, we’ll look at the machinery that makes all this possible.

How Do Seat Belts Work?

A typical seat belt system find the seat belt webbing being connected to something called a retractor mechanism. This mechanism has a spool retractor that is attached to one webbing’s end. There is a spring inside the retractor that applies torque to the spool. This movement allows the seat belt to wind up loose seat belt webbing. When you pull the seat belt webbing out, the spool rotates the opposite way, effectively untwisting the spring, This results in the spring tightening up and slack in the seat belt disappearing.

Typically, the seat belt retractor has a locking mechanism that activates when a car is involved in a collision. In general, there are two types of locking system mechanisms:

  • systems triggered by the car’s movement
  • systems triggered by the belt’s movement

Am I Stuck with the Seat Belt That’s in My Car?

Let’s face it. The seat belt that comes with your car may not be the best fit for you. You might want a unique color. You might need a bigger belt than what the dealership created. Maybe you would rather have a different type of seat belt in general. Whatever the case may be, rest assured that you’re not stuck with the seat belt that came with your car.

Kwok Shing is your go-to shop for custom seat belts, custom-colored seat belts, and OEM seat belt extenders. We also have seat belt adjuster clips, seat belt buckles, seat belt extenders, seat belt adjusters and seat belt accessories.

Using a custom seat belt or seat belt accessories doesn’t reduce the safety factor of your seat belt. All of our products are rigorously tested to adhere to the latest safety standards. We want to make sure you have the accessories or custom seat belt you need to not only be safe, but to be happy with your seat belt.

What Products Do You Sell?

If you’re in the market for a custom seat belt or seat belt accessories, you’re in the right place. We have a wide variety of products, including the following:

  • 2-point seat belt: Our 2-point seat belt can be mounted on the front or rear seat, and includes two seat belts and installation screws. Note that some drilling may be required.
  • 3-point seat belt: Our 3-point seat belt is compatible for any vehicle that has three bolt points. It is easy and convenient to use, and has adjustable webbing length. This seatbelt is ideal for waistbands and has a high safety factor.
  • Seat belt safety accessory: Our belt accessory can help prevent injury to younger children as this clip ensures the seat belt chest strap goes over the child’s chest, not up by their neck.
  • Car seat belt extender: This seat belt extender is adjustable up to 32 inches and functions like an airline seat belt. It is made out of non-corrosive steel and high-strength polyester.

Our product list isn’t limited to what is listed here. We have other products, which can be viewed on our Products webpage.


Wearing a seat belt can be a life or death decision when you least expect it. If you find yourself wanting a custom seat belt or seat belt accessories, you can place your trust in us. We’ve been in the industry for years, and have the experience necessary to guide you down the right path to making an informed purchase. Your seat belt is your lifeline, but you need to make it work for you. Don’t wait any longer to contact us today. We’re waiting and ready to help you.