Seat Belt Failures during Crash

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July 4, 2019
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October 14, 2019

Seat Belt Failures during Crash

Seat Belt Failures during Crash

Seat belts are essential in the cars to make the journey safe for the passengers. Seatbelts immediately provide a response to the uncertainties and stop a passenger from ejection by the car in case of a crash. Somehow, seat belts failures are quite common in society. Seat belt failure can put one’s life in danger. The use of safe seat belts can tackle such issues. Read this article thoroughly to get an idea about the most suitable and safe seat belts for your cars. The article will also throw light on the insurance claims as to whether you can claim for insurance in case of an accident when you were not wearing a seat belt or not.

Seat Belt Types

Vehicles usually come up in the market with the modern and most suitable seat belts. However, in the case, if you have experienced for any seat belt failure, then you may have to visit your local market to find the most suitable belt for your vehicle. In markets, you can find around seven types of seat belts are commonly available. These types include lap belts, shoulder belts, belt-in-seat (BIS), three-point belts, automatic seat belts, five-point harness, and six-point harness. Each of these seat belts can provide you with a different level of protection. Therefore the selection of the most suitable one and safest one is mandatory. A wide selection of seat belt can increase chances of safety for you during driving a car.

So, it is totally up to you in choosing which type of seat belt that you would prefer. Since there are many type vehicles nowadays, there are also various types of the seat belt. One thing to be noted here, not all seat belts will provide protection at the same level.

Here are the types of seat belt available for your vehicles:

  • Lap Belts

This type of seat belt is known as the oldest one. Lap belts typically use a modifiable strap that merely goes across your waist. The weakness from this type of belt is, the design of lap belts unable to lock up your upper body, shoulders, neck, or head during a crash. You will get this type of belt if you purchase newer cars. However, you can also find a lap belt in the middle back seat.

  • Shoulder Belts

A shoulder belt is a modifiable strap that merely goes whole over the passenger’s shoulder. This type of belt is unable to give a high level of protection during a crash since the passenger could easily slip out of this belt and get serious injuries. For this reason, the shoulder belt nowadays has been removed out from the newer cars.

  • Automatic Seat Belts

In some vehicles, you might find the shoulder belts that could automatically move in place once the vehicle starts. This is the method of how automatic seat belts secures the passenger. This type of belt usually completed with a different manual lap belt which must be fastened by the passenger.

  • Three-Point Belts

This type of belt has been used by the latest modern vehicles these days. Three-point belt usually made of a piece of nylon which stretches right from the shoulder of the passenger’s shoulder runs all the way to the chest and concluded with a lap belt. In case if any crash occurs, this type of belt will spread out the passenger’s energy across the chest, pelvis, as well as the shoulders.

  • Bely-in-Seat or also known as BIS

BIS is a type of belt with a five-point harness where the belt’s shoulder is attached with the belt’s backrest. This type of belt has been proven to give extra protection in case if any rollover crash occurs. BIS would give the best protection if it used to lock up a kid at the age from 4-8 years old.

  • Five-Point Harness

A five-point harness belt is considered to be safer than the rest belts available. In the other hand, this type of belt could limit your movement inside the vehicle. This belt normally used to make sure the safety of child seats. Many vehicles also use this type of belt during some racing. Numbers of people modify their vehicles by installing this five-point harness belt as well.

  • Six-Point Harness

This type of belt is almost the same as a five-point harness belt. The difference from the six-point harness is from its extra belt that runs between the passenger’s legs. This type of belt is often used during the racing. The six-point harness belt became famous and popular right after the death incident of Dale Earnhardt, a famous racer. He was reported wearing a five-point harness belt during his deadly accident.

Even though a passenger has been wearing a seat belt properly, any incident might still occur. Many times, a seat belt also could fail to secure the passenger as well. In this case, it is quite essential to analyze what has caused the failure and malfunction of the seat belt. Mostly, a victim of the crash would have their seat belt liability claims associated with a failure of the seat belt which against a careless driver.

To be noted, if you want to conduct a seat belt liability claim, you have to ask your lawyer to work along with an engineering team or other experts to recognize what exactly that trigger the seat belt to fail. This team will also help your lawyer to determine who was really responsible for the failure. Well, it is near to impossible to conduct this type of investigation if you do not have any relevant evidence to support your claim.

However, if you assured that there is an appearance of seat belt failure on any crash that you experienced, then you have to act quickly and ask the help of your lawyer to make a claim as soon as possible. Why? You need to claim the seat belt failure to prevent the same failure to appear in another incident which could harm other victims.