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December 13, 2018
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Portable three point pretensioner seat belt

Compatible for: All vehicle that have 3 bolt points, such as car,buggie, club car and truck. Ideal for waistband belt and to replace old, worn or damaged belts.

Reduce the Potential Injury to Drivers and Passengers: Tensile strength, high safety factor; Ideal for waistband belt and replacing used, worn or damaged seat belts.

Tensile strength, high safety factor; Ideal for waistband belt and replacing used ,worn or damaged seat belts.

Easy and convenient to use, Adjustable length of the webbing.

Brand KS or customers’ brand
Main Material Polyester, 45# steel,ABS
Main Color black, gray, beige, etc
Types 3 points pretensioner seat belt
Feature high quality, long durability, competitive price
Package Neutral packing or as customers’ requirement
Usage  Car, bus, vehicles, etc
Payment 30% T/T as deposit, 70% T/T before delivery
Delivery time 15-20 days after receipt of deposit

Product knowledge

Pretensioner seat belts are one type of car seat belts. A pretensioning device is added on the belt, which is different from other belts. The pre-tightening device can feel a certain impact in the process of collision. It is the device that can pull the safety belt closer instantly through the effect of the gas generator. Pretensioner seat belts usually have a limiter.

Classification of Pretensioner seat belts

(1) pretension limiter type safety belt pretension limiter type safety belt is to add a pretension limiter on the pretension limiter type safety belt. The main internal equipment includes a rewinder, a car sensor and a sensor, a force limiter and a pretensioner.

(2) pretensioning type safety belt pretensioning type safety belt is to add a pretensioning motor system to the pretensioning type safety belt, whose main internal devices include winder, car sense and belt sense sensor, force limiter, pretensioning machine and pretensioning motor.

The working principle of the pretensioner safety belt

(1) the working principle of pretensioned force type safety belt sends out a pretensioned ignition signal through the airbag ECU, and the gunpowder combustion in the pretensioned device generates high-pressure gas as the curling power to eliminate the gap between the safety belt and the human body. At present, the pretensioning limited-force seat belt has been widely used in the middle and high-end models.

(2) the working principle of preroll preload type safety belt is to sense the distance between the vehicle and the front vehicle through the radar sensor. If the distance is less than a set value, its ECU will send a signal to control the motor movement, eliminate the gap between the safety belt and the human body, and remind the driver to brake or deal with emergency. The belts involve a lot of active safety-related devices (such as detection radars, computer programs, etc.), so the overall price is very expensive, and currently only used in some high-end models.


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