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March 26, 2019
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3 point retractable seat belt for classic cars

Compatible for: All vehicle that have 3 bolt points, such as car,buggie, club car and truck. Ideal for waistband belt and to replace old, worn or damaged belts.

Reduce the Potential Injury to Drivers and Passengers: Tensile strength, high safety factor; Ideal for waistband belt and replacing used, worn or damaged seat belts.

Tensile strength, high safety factor; Ideal for waistband belt and replacing used ,worn or damaged seat belts.

Easy and convenient to use, Adjustable length of the webbing.


What is a 3 point seat belt?

Three-point seatbelts have saved countless lives in car accidents by creating a safer driving environment. The three-point safety belt remains the most important independent safety device in a car.

In the development history of automobile more than 120 years, three-point safety belt is the most widely used and most far-reaching safety innovation technology.

Despite the challenges of meeting comfort requirements, seat belts have made great strides in many other areas. In the 1960s, we had an inertial rolling automatic seatbelt system. As soon as your body pushes forward, the system locks on to the seat belt. In the 1970s, a system to remind people to wear seat belts surfaced. If you don’t, the system beeps annoyingly. Cars with seatbelt alarms are nothing new these days. Cars using the device can “predict” an impending accident and fasten their seat belts before crashing. In 1981, limousines were fitted with seat belt pretensioning for the first time. Such devices are now common in many ordinary cars.

what is a seat belt pretensioner?

During driving, there is a gap between the seat belt and the body. The gap is controlled by the winding force of the safety belt, but the excessive winding force will not cause discomfort to human body. This gap needs to be eliminated in the collision to reduce the forward displacement of the human chest. Using the collision signal from the airbag ECU, the high pressure gas produced by the gunpowder combustion is used as the driving force of the belt tightening, thus producing the pre-tightening force.

At present, the structure of pre-tensioner is mainly divided into steel ball type, steel wire type, rack type and pinion type, its principle is to convert chemical energy into kinetic energy, but there are big differences between the actuators. The steel ball precompressor is compact, small in size and light in weight, suitable for any vehicle type. Due to the large output and relatively cheap price, the consistency control is very good.

Product Detail

Brand KS or customers’ brand
Main Material Polyester, 45# steel,ABS
Main Color black, gray, beige, etc
Types 3 points pretensioner seat belt
Feature high quality, long durability, competitive price
Package Neutral packing or as customers’ requirement
Usage  Car, bus, vehicles, etc
Payment 30% T/T as deposit, 70% T/T before delivery
Delivery time 15-20 days after receipt of deposit


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